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Aeonium LilyPad is easy to grow side buds, the bottom leaves are easy to wither and form many old piles, the leaves are thick and spoon-shaped, the leaf tip is not obvious, and the lotus shape is closely arranged. With the same conservation environment, the leaves are green to pink orange green, and the lily lily in the state is very beautiful, but the green lily lily is a little face of vegetable color.Lily lily another bright spot is the obvious aroma, small old pile is very beautiful.


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Aeonium LilyPad is easy to maintain, easy to grow from the bottom of the lateral bud to form a long old pile, because it is a genus of lotus palm, so summer dormancy is more obvious, summer should pay attention to shade, a small amount of direct light, to ensure that the plant is not empty, spread the cake can be;Should control the water, basin soil dry, along the basin along a small amount of water can be;Ventilation should be strengthened;Summer avoid rain, head watering, long-term moist basin soil.Spring and autumn growth season, try to give enough light, light enough, lily lily leaves will be more wrapped, more compact and thick, color presents a charming orange pink green, insufficient light, leaves will be more spread out, leaves turn green, a vegetable color.Spring and autumn growing season can be watered adequately, basin soil is dry 70 or 80 can be poured thoroughly, avoid is dry for a long time, rainy season should avoid long-term rain drench, prevent seeper rotten leaf.For lily lily planting, loose and breathable medium can be selected, such as peat/coconut bran, and the proportion of granular soil is half and half. The proportion of soil can be configured in different proportions according to local environment and maintenance habits.

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