Araceae Alocasia Odora OKinawa Silver

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Propagating Araceae:  pay attention to moderate increase in leaf shape while maintaining pure water spraying, so that the leaves are cleaner and tidy, except outdoor.

Next high temperature and high humidity, dry winter to dry thoroughly watering, can be sprayed around, reduce dry, not in the basin water, low temperature period to reduce the number of watering, maintain the stability of the root system and plant dormancy.Do not pursue growth too much, avoid low temperature and high humidity, plant root bad and death.

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The characteristics of Alocasia Odora OKinawa Silver

1. Leaf shape: The leaf shape presents a long triangle heart shape, and the center of the vein is uneven to both sides of the page.The biggest feature is that the tail and stem at the junction will have leaf eaves.

2. Leaf structure: The leaves have obvious fleshy feeling and are relatively full.The veins on the back of the page and leaf are clear.It's tighter, it's more three-dimensional.

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3. Change of color perception: in summer, when the humidity is high, the color of leaves is more than fluorescent green, accompanied by bright green color.However, during the temperature difference between 10 and 20 degrees, the dark green of leaves is more obvious, and the veins of white brocade are mostly transparent.At high temperatures and appear white, whiter and brighter.There will be no yellowing or discoloration of brocade leaves with the increase and decrease of temperature.This is the most obvious part of taro brocade.

4. Varigated state of leaf: Varigated  plant floral itself is with plant genes, so the leaf part of the formation and change with temperature and the relationship between the maintenance is not very big, there is a certain correlation, never is the important factor, secondly, the characteristics of Alocasia Odora OKinawa Silver is camouflage, they change lies in the brocade of progressive levels is very obvious.The formation of veins and veins is more ornamental.

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