• Araceae Alocasia Odora OKinawa Silver

    Araceae Alocasia Odora OKinawa Silver

    Propagating Araceae:  pay attention to moderate increase in leaf shape while maintaining pure water spraying, so that the leaves are cleaner and tidy, except outdoor.

    Next high temperature and high humidity, dry winter to dry thoroughly watering, can be sprayed around, reduce dry, not in the basin water, low temperature period to reduce the number of watering, maintain the stability of the root system and plant dormancy.Do not pursue growth too much, avoid low temperature and high humidity, plant root bad and death.

  • Succulent plant Monstera var. borsigiana White Variegata

    Succulent plant Monstera var. borsigiana White Variegata

    The temperature suitable for the growth of the bamboo is between 18-28℃. When plant it, we need to pay attention to the change of environmental temperature. In the high temperature season in summer, we should take cooling measures, such as moving it to a cool room, or spraying water on the plant to cool it.In the cold season of winter, it should also be moved to a warm room, and keep the indoor temperature above 15 degrees Celsius, to meet its winter needs.

  • Succulent plant Philodendron Pink Princess

    Succulent plant Philodendron Pink Princess

    Philodendron pink Princess is a natural variation of the variety. philodendron pink princess is a variation of the variety.

    Its newly grown leaves are brown-red, the variation of the variety leaves will appear some pink, white pink patches.And there will be some white or pale pink spots on the leaves.

  • Succulent plant Philodendron Var

    Succulent plant Philodendron Var

    Humidity management:  like dry environment, appropriate watering can be.To keep the soil moist, spray the plants with water and cool them when the temperature is high, keeping the air 60 to 70 percent humid.

  • Succulent plant Syngonium Podophyllum

    Succulent plant Syngonium Podophyllum

    It is a leaf – watching plant. It is a perennial vine with strong tendril, and the adult plant has the ability to climb. It is easy to grow air roots at the nodes of the stem, making it capable of climbing. Two other distinctive features are the length of the petiole and the shape of the leaves like the feet of a duck.


    The surface of the leaves is usually white, cream, silver, pink and purple, etc., and the ability to reduce carbon dioxide is very good. The ability to purify volatile organic pollutants is moderate, especially to remove formaldehyde; Blade dust retention (dust removal) ability of the average.