Cactus Plant Notocactus Scopa

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Early spherical slowly grow cylindrical, ball diameter 6-10 cm, 10-25 cm high, dark green body color.With 30-35 shallow ribs, ribs have small verrucous protrusions, spines spacing 5~8mm.Radiate about 40 perispines, white thorns thin and short.Medium spines 3~4, with one or so medium spines reddish brown.White small town flowers in spring and summer, the top of yellow flowers, flower diameter of about 4 cm, cross-pollinated, the tube is brown soft hair and dark setae.

This variety is not very resistant to exposure to the sun, dry water supply during the growth period, as little as possible, or it is easy to grow, not enough light is easy to grow tall.Reproduction is mainly sowing, more grafting on the market, but the growth of sowing is slow, to be patient.Spring, summer, autumn season to water asura succulents as long as follow the dry thoroughly watering can be.But watering in winter must be well controlled, prevention and control of winter frostbite.

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