Ceropegia woodii varagata var.

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It is a succulent plant with hanging vines and heart-shaped leaves that are highly ornamental.The tendran of love also has a characteristic, that is to raise good to be able to give brocade, the so-called brocade is leaf discoloration, completely brocade if the color of the leaf can be completely pink.How can the vine of love blossom?That needs to master watering, light temperature and fertilization these four points.

  • 1. Proper watering

  • Water control is very important for the plant of love to grow fast and well.The plant has tubers, also known as potato roots, that store moisture.So it’s more drought-tolerant.When watering the frequency is not too high, the four seasons watering should follow the principle of dry see wet, appropriate watering is easier to let the vine of love out of jin, and once the water poured more easy to rot.

  • 2.The light is appropriate
  • Light is the decisive factor, in the case of adequate light, the plant will grow better, the leaves are more likely to bloom.If the light is not enough, Ceropegia woodii varagata var. will not blossom.However, the leaves  will lack chlorophyll and become more difficult to nourish.Summer strong light must be properly shielded to avoid plant burns.
  • 3. Control the temperature

  • The appropriate temperature is very important. When the temperature is controlled between 15 and 20℃, the vine of love grows the fastest, and its shape will be more beautiful, and its leaves will be easier to produce brocade.The temperature is too high to appropriate shade, if the temperature is too low to keep warm.

  • 4. Reasonable fertilization

  • It is generally not necessary to apply fertilizer, too much fertilizer will affect the growth of the plant.If you want to fertilize, it is generally applied 1 ~ 2 times a year, you can also apply a thin fertilizer every quarter, fertilizer with high nitrogen compound fertilizer, if the content of phosphorus and potassium is too high, it will lead to leaf deformity.

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