• Succulent Plant HederaL.

    Succulent Plant HederaL.

    It is soft stems with many epiphytic roots that can be absorbed to other objects or plants, alternate leaves with long petioles, entire or 3-12 lobed.Corymbose, flowers small, bisexual, slightly green, styles united into short columns, berrylike drupes

  • Cotyledon Orbiculata Oblonga Variegata

    Cotyledon Orbiculata Oblonga Variegata

    Cotyledon Orbiculata Oblonga Variegata is a fleshy shrub type succulent plant.Thick and round leaves clubbed, charmingly naive, the top edge of the blade will turn red in the sun, the surface of a layer of white powder, very lovely.Like sufficient sunshine, cool and ventilated environment, drought resistance, summer will hibernate, should be placed in the ventilation and shade, reduce the frequency of watering, watering each time not too much, winter growth environment temperature should not be less than 5℃.Special attention is needed, try not to touch the leaf and water on the leaf, so as not to affect the appearance of the powder layer loss.Propagation mode is mainly bud insertion and seeding, with high survival rate.