Crassula Tricolor Jade

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How to  plant?

1. Environmental requirements

It prefers warm, dry and sunny environments. They are resistant to drought and poverty, not to cold, but to water.

2.Soil requirements

The soil of Crassula Tricolor Jade must be porous and ventilated, and must have good drainage, so the soil of sunset goose can be mixed with leaf mould soil or peat 2 parts, garden soil 1 part, sand soil or vermiculite, in addition to ensure soil nutrients, can be added to a small amount of bone meal.

3. Plenty of light

Crassula Tricolor Jade are succulent during the growing season from April to November every year. During the growing season, they should be maintained in an environment with sufficient light. If the sun is not enough, they are easy to grow, which makes the plants loose and leaves green and yellow.

4.Watering requirements

The principle of Crassula Tricolor Jade watering is dry and thoroughly watered, so in the growing season of sunset goose water should be sufficient, but must avoid pot water, otherwise the Crassula Tricolor Jade is easy to rot.

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