Echeveria Lenore Dean

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Plants for perennial fleshy herbs or subshrubs, for small and medium-sized varieties.A stolon grows from the base of the stolon. Small rosettes of leaves grow at the tip of the stolon.Therefore, the jade butterfly brocade planted for many years can often grow in pieces, but the jade butterfly brocade grows much slower than the jade butterfly.Plant fleshy leaves rosette arrangement, leaves short spoon shaped, slightly erect, apex round and small pointed, slightly curved inward, so that the whole plant slightly funnel-shaped, light green or blue-green leaf color in the middle, yellow white on both sides, slightly thin leaves, leaves with a slight powdery or waxy layer, not afraid of water.Jade butterfly brocade cymes axillary, flowers inverted bell – shaped, front – end 5 cracks.Red, yellow at the top, flowering from June to August.

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