Graptoveria Titubans variegated cluster

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Water them according to the principle of dry and thorough watering, during maintenance, it is necessary to observe the bottom leaf more, and find that the bottom leaf is slightly wrinkled, at this time, water needs to be replenished.Spring and autumn season is the peak season for the growth of apricot brocade, at this time the water can be a little more, the same in accordance with the principle of dry through pouring.

2. Lighting:

Place the plant in a well-lit area. If you grow it on a balcony, place the plant in a well-lit area. In order to receive adequate light, change direction from time to time so that light is evenly distributed around the plant.

3. Temperature difference:

Only the environment with large temperature difference can make the color more beautiful and moving. As far as possible, it can be placed outdoors in open cultivation. In open cultivation, not only the temperature difference is large, but also the light is more uniform, and it will become more bright and transparent.

4.Matters needing attention

Summer temperature is high, less watering, but can not completely cut off the water, summer watering should choose in overcast days or after 89 o ‘clock at night, watering to maintain ventilation, to ensure that water the next day.Try to keep the basin dry in winter to avoid freezing damage.

It is particularly resistant to exposure, in the case of strong ultraviolet light and high temperature must give it timely shade, otherwise its leaves will be sunburned.

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