Lithop Conophytum Vanzylii

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Conophytum Vanzylii is billed perennial succulent, or reduced to scales, often without stipules.The stem is short and often invisible.Metamorphosis leaf flesh is hypertrophic, two pieces of opposite union become inverted cone.Variety is more, each has characteristic.


Conophytum Vanzylii flowers bisexual, neat, solitary, or axillary dichotomous cymes or terminal single branch cymes, perianth 1 whorled, from 4 to 5 separated or combined leathery, green sepals.


Stamens basically 5, but often divided into many, the outermost often sterile and petal-like, filaments separated or synthesized into bundles, or base into monomers;Pistil basically by 3 ~ 5 carpels united, ovary superior or inferior, 1 ~ 5 chambers (occasionally up to 20).Ovules are numerous, rare, inverted or curved in each chamber.Capsule or berrylike.


Conophytum Vanzylii mouth fat body, red mouth, 3~4 years of stone flowers autumn from the gap in the middle of the opposite leaves out yellow, white, pink and other colors of flowers, a single flower can open 3~7 days.When they bloom, the flowers almost cover the whole plant and are very delicate.And after the number of years of some varieties will be separated into groups.

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