Lithop Plant aucampiae L. Bol.

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Aucampiae L. a kind of more robust habit in the genus lithophilia, and dormancy is not obvious in summer.Sun wheel jade likes warm winter and cool summer climate, warm dry and sunny environment.Be afraid of low temperature, avoid strong light.Like full sunshine, suitable temperature for growth of 10 ~ 30℃.Suitable for growth in loose neutral sandy loam.Two seasons of winter and summer remember to reduce appropriately to moisture conduce molting.


aucampiae L. Bol. like sunshine, growth temperature is 20℃ a 24℃, the spring and autumn season should be placed on the south balcony or windowsill cultivation, at this time is its growth flourishing period, should be poured every 3-5 days 1 times water, promote growth and flowering.The growth rule of the stone flower is that it starts to grow between March and April, suspends its growth in the high temperature season, enters the dormant period in summer, continues to grow and bloom after the cool autumn, and enters the overwintering period after the flower fades.[1]


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