Lithops Plant Pleiospilos Royal Flush

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Pleiospilos Royal Flush in the summer dormancy, other season growth, Pleiospilos Royal Flush peeling period will be longer, can spread throughout the growing season, peeling period need to meet more sunshine, less water, but also be careful not to sunburn, red emperor jade desquamate is outside the old skin dry slowly, the nutrients provided to the new plant, new plant leaf and old blade can grow at the same time.

Pleiospilos Royal Flush planting material is mainly permeable and breathable, Pleiospilos Royal Flush is not sun resistant, summer must be sunshade, Pleiospilos Royal Flush peeling period can trace appropriate water, this variety is usually dry water supply, watering is not dipping basin.The whole summer shading, placed in bright and ventilated scattered light, summer will be trace or all cut off water, more will be rotten, Pleiospilos Royal Flush in summer or not easy to take care of, water little rotten.The whole summer without water, careless also easy to dry.When the temperature comes down in autumn, the water supply can be restored, step by step.If the plant is full, it does not need to be replenished. If it is found to be a little dispiriting, it can be replenished immediately.In winter, the temperature is too low and frostbite should be avoided. There is no problem when the soil is dry at zero degrees Celsius.The difference between the north and the south is relatively large, flower friends to cultivate according to their own environment, red emperor jade reproduction can be sown, flower friends should pay attention to red emperor jade skin thin water, more resistant to the sun oh, flower friends do not pay attention to sunburn.

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