Do succulents need fertilization?

Spring is here, and the succulent growing season is here, and you need to know about succulent fertilizers.

Do succulents need fertilization?

Most succulents grow in places where the soil is relatively poor. In general, the nutrient content of the soil used for home planting is sufficient to support the growth of succulents. If the succulents do not grow well and grow slowly, this has nothing to do with fertilization, and is more likely to be related to excessive water control.

Although it is not necessary to fertilize succulents, an appropriate amount of fertilizer is definitely more conducive to the growth of succulents. If you want succulents to grow faster, bigger, stronger, easier to branch, and more able to bloom, you need to add some fertilizer in an appropriate amount. Some medium and large varieties also need the support of fertilizer to grow better and bigger. such as Aeonium:


The succulents of the genus Echeveria actually grow very fast in the growing season, especially the seedlings, and ebony is no exception. The family of Echeveria Agavoides is even more so.


Therefore, a small amount of base fertilizer is not harmful to succulents.

When should succulents be fertilized?

As long as the succulents are in the growing stage, you can add a small amount of fertilizer when watering, soluble fertilizers, such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc. The time when the succulents need nutrients most is their growing season, and spring and autumn are the growing seasons for most succulents , in the spring and autumn, the amount of fertilizer can be larger. The nutrient consumption in the flowering season is large, and the amount of fertilizer should also be increased, and the concentration can be controlled at the level of a few ten thousandths or a few thousandths.

How to fertilize succulents

There are generally two ways to fertilize succulents, one is basal fertilizer and the other is supplementary fertilizer.

Basal fertilizer:The base fertilizer is added in an appropriate amount when mixing soil for succulents, such as vermicompost, rice husk charcoal, and plant ash. The ratio does not need to be too high, 2%-5% is enough. It can be added when newly planted or repotted.

supplementary fertilizer:This can be added at ordinary times, such as slow-release fertilizer. And when watering, add some soluble fertilizers, such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate. You can add some when you are watering at ordinary times. The concentration does not need to be too high to be controlled at a few ten thousandths, or even a few hundred thousandths.  succulents do not need too much fertilizer.


Post time: Feb-24-2022