How to Harvest Succulent Seeds

Spring is a good season for succulents to pollinate and harvest seeds, and then you can sow happily. The germination rate of fresh succulent seeds is nearly 100%. But the premise of the above is that the succulents must bloom, and there must be more than one blooming.

Are succulents hard to bloom? Take Echeveria as an example. Generally speaking, most varieties have the conditions to bloom after one or two years of planting. If you have planted succulents for several years and have not bloomed, the reason may be that you have misunderstood. The origin of succulents is barren and does not need fertilizer, so you give succulents a very shabby maintenance method. The soil is only a pure medium, and the watering is only tap water. If the nutrients are not enough, the succulents will not bloom.

Flowering succulents is actually not difficult, and now you only need to do one simple thing, then you can harvest a lot of seeds this spring. That is… From now on, add potassium dihydrogen phosphate every time you water, pay attention, the amount of fertilizer should not be too much, the important thing for fertilization is to apply thin fertilizer frequently (and do not deliberately increase the frequency of watering for frequent fertilization)

Why does potassium dihydrogen phosphate promote flowering of succulents? Because phosphorus fertilizer itself is an important nutrient for plant flowering, potassium dihydrogen phosphate is widely used to promote flowering of various flower plants. For succulents, nitrogen fertilizers are unlikely to be lacking, while phosphorus and potassium fertilizers may be lacking.

Do not believe? Then you can try it this year.


Post time: Mar-25-2022