Some Tips on Succulent Blooming

1.For succulents, flowering depends not only on nutrients, but also on light, temperature difference, and even whether the dormancy period is good or not. However, there are basically no taboos for succulents in the genus Echeveria, as long as they are not leggy, nutrients Enough, it is very happy to bloom, even regardless of the season, which is probably one of the reasons why there are so many succulent varieties of echeveria.

2.Light is the most important thing. For most succulents, they need a full sun or half sun environment to develop normally. Insufficient sunlight and lack of water cause the plants to grow sluggishly, and at most they can only maintain the status quo. If there is insufficient sunlight and continuous water supply, it will cause leggy or even rot. If it doesn’t go out of shape, it doesn’t rot and necrosis, it’s already very good, so don’t expect it to bloom. In this case, if the flowers are still blooming, the plants tend to be ugly after flowering.

3.Some succulents have grown flower stems, but have not bloomed, or withered after only half of them have opened, which is also due to insufficient nutrients.

4.Succulents use up a lot of nutrients after they bloom, so they tend to turn ugly. Therefore, during the flowering period, the nutrients (potassium dihydrogen phosphate) should not be stopped, and the nutrients should keep up, so that it will not be too out of shape, but after the older succulents bloom, they may be out of shape, because the root nutrients may not be absorbed.

5.If you are worried that the succulents will become ugly after flowering, or you are not interested in the flowering of succulents, you can use scissors to cut off the flower stem from the position close to the lower part of the flower stem. Do not rush to clean the remaining flower stem, it will slowly wither and eventually fall off , if it is pulled out too early, it may injure the succulent.

Post time: Mar-25-2022