Steps of aseptic operation.

Steps of aseptic operation.

1. Fumigate the inoculation room with formaldehyde 4 hours before inoculation, and turn on the ultraviolet lamp in it for sterilization;

2. 20 minutes before inoculation, turn on the fan of clean bench and the ultraviolet lamp on the stage;

3. The vaccinator should wash his hands first, change special experimental clothes in the buffer room, and put on slippers, etc.

4. Wipe hands, especially nails, with alcohol cotton balls after going to the workbench. Then wipe the countertop;

5. Wipe the inoculation tool with an alcohol cotton ball first, then over fire the tweezers and scissors from beginning to end, then over fire the sharp points repeatedly, and over fire the Petri dish to dry;

6. When vaccinating, the vaccinator can't leave the workbench with both hands, and can't talk, walk, cough, etc.

7. After inoculation, clean the workbench, and sterilize it with ultraviolet lamp for 30 minutes. In case of continuous inoculation, sterilize it with great intensity every 5 days.

Inoculation is the process of cutting or cutting sterilized isolated organs such as roots, stems and leaves into small pieces and putting them into the culture medium.


Precautions for the construction of artificial climate room

1. temperature range. The artificial climate room will be equipped with a light function, So it will be divided into two sections when looking at the temperature. If the manufacturer reports a temperature range directly to you, then we must carefully consider it. Generally, when the light is turned on, The temperature range will be smaller than that in the case of not turning on the light. The reason is simple. The light will generate heat and cause the temperature to rise. Generally, the temperature range with light is 10-50℃, and the temperature range without light is 4-50℃.

2. humidity range. Humidity is also the biggest difference between the light incubator and the artificial climate room. The light incubator usually has no humidity control, only temperature and light control, and the artificial climate room has a humidity control function, so it depends on whether our experimental objects are If there is a requirement for humidity control, you can determine whether to buy a light incubator or an artificial climate room. The humidity range of the general artificial climate room is controlled at 50-90% RH.

3. Light intensity. The influencing factors of the light intensity are: the light mode and the number of tubes. Generally speaking, the largest is 0-30000LX, and there are some smaller ranges. When we choose, we mainly choose according to our own experimental requirements.

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