Tissue culture and rapid propagation of Chunlan by family tissue culture technology.

(1). set up a small family organization training room, homemade equipment. It is well known that this work should be carried out under aseptic conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a well-sealed glass inoculation box and air purification device, and take various technical measures to reduce the pollution rate of rotating bottles. The success rate increased to 92% when spraying dust with alcohol, which won time and laid a good foundation for selecting a good medium formula.

Tissue culture and rapid propagation of Chunlan by family tissue culture technology.

(2). Sterile operation. All the devices that are in contact with the culture medium and can withstand high temperature are treated by dry heat method (140 ~ 150℃), and those that cannot withstand high temperature are sterilized by chemical method. In order to solve the problem that inoculation needs to be carried out on flame (because there is almost no air in the box), a 300-watt electric furnace is added, but because the high temperature is easy to burn the explants, ventilation and cooling facilities are added. In order to reduce the environmental pollution of the cutter for the second time, the cutter is placed in a cylinder with one end closed after being sterilized at high temperature, and purified air is continuously blown in for cooling, so as to ensure that the explant enters the nutrition base bottle safely and unharmed. All articles entering the box must be disinfected with alcohol before being put in, and all carriers are not allowed to enter the box. The disinfection procedure of the box is ultraviolet disinfection after alcohol spraying, and regular fumigation with formaldehyde and potassium permanganate.

(3). Choose suitable medium formula. The MS base plus naphthylacetic acid and cytokinin were used to induce the first differentiation and the first root. However, it is necessary to adjust the composition in different growth stages, especially when rooting. Because it is more difficult for orchids to take root than other varieties of flowers, soaking in high concentration NAA for several seconds has a good effect.

(4). Adoption and disinfection of explants. The explants are seedlings with long roots (leaves not expanded), and the survival rate is higher as they are picked (the inoculation season is from October to February of the following year). For explant disinfection, the author adopted the method of 0.1 liters of mercury and 0.1% concentrated hydrochloric acid for multiple disinfection, and the effect was better.

Tissue culture and rapid propagation of Chunlan by family tissue culture technology-2

(5). Cultivation environment. Illumination 1000~2000 le, 10~16 hours, culture temperature 26OC±2 OC, air temperature should be controlled at a low level (70%~80%), otherwise it is easy to pollute again.

5.1. It is feasible to set up a small tissue culture room in a family with less investment (it can make full use of the conditions in the home). It only costs hundreds of yuan from preparation to experiment, and the experimental equipment can also be used to carry out research work on other varieties (such as woody plants and medicinal plants, etc.).

5.2. aseptic operation must be paid attention to from the thought, careful operation is, otherwise lost, the consequence is unimaginable.

5.3. If there is no solid microscope, we can only do the experiment of sprouting with buds. Taking some measures, such as cutting samples by stages and adding liquid to rotating bed, is a way to obtain a large number of protocorm-like bodies, and its propagation speed will also break through.

Post time: Nov-16-2021