Variegated Echeveria Succulents

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 Variegation in succulents is a common mutational state..Variegated succulents are generally classified into yellow, red and white according to color classification. According to the degree of variegation, it can be divided into complete variegation and incomplete variegation. The root cause of variegation is actually caused by genetic mutation.

 The variation of variegation of succulents can also be induced by external factors, such as watering, sunshine, temperature, drugs, and climate mutations, etc., which may cause the variegation of succulents.

 The variegated part is hereditary, and the new seedlings and new plants that are propagated from it are also very likely to be variegated.


In the process of growth, succulent plants rely on the chlorophyll in the succulent leaves for photosynthesis. Through photosynthesis, the root system can absorb nutrients from the soil.
 If the succulent appears albino, it becomes variegated. The chlorophyll content of the leaves itself will also decrease, and the growth rate will also be greatly slowed down. The more severe the albinism, the slower the succulents grow.

 Although variegated succulents are very beautiful, it is not recommended for novices to plant them, due to the lack of chlorophyll, variegated succulents have a higher mortality rate

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