Succulent Plant Echeveria Deresina

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Plants medium – sized, classically rosette, stemless as seedlings, stem as adults, erect.Blade, whorl, spoon, arrange more closely, have little sharp blade tip, relatively thin, fleshy, young pale green, margin and the tip will be red, adult blue, or green, white powder, magenta red tip, leaf blade “roots” retained the leaf form, but the leaf color by ash improvement of partial slant blue, also in the tradition of “red point” fine quality.


Snow blue Paris, strong habit, easy to cultivate.Like sunny, ventilated and dry environment, drought resistance, fear of waterlogging, suitable temperature for growth of 10-25 degrees Celsius.Spring and autumn suggested open-air maintenance, let the plant fully bathed in sunshine, better state;Summer high temperature plants will be stagnant, or into a dormant state, it is recommended to appropriate shade, avoid exposure to the sun, reduce the amount of watering, typhoon, thunderstorm timely take protective measures;In winter, in order to make the plants safely overwinter, it is recommended to move to the indoor sunny place for maintenance.

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