Succulent plant Echeveria Purpusorum White Form

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This is an extremely rare form of Echeveria purpusorum which has white colouration with red outlines. These are so highly collectable as they are extremely hard to come by. It is a strong structural plant with robust leaves and form, a truly choice plant.

It is a slow grower and to keep the white colouration it will need to be grown hard with a bright light.

This plant will lose its white colouring in a higher nutrient compost mix, so to keep the strong white colour you can plant it in a 50/50 gritty succulent mix.

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As with most species of Echeveria, E. purpusorum is not a difficult plant to care for. It is a slow-growing succulent, so don’t expect much growth even if you’re providing ideal conditions. Careful watering habits and good plant hygiene will help ensure your plant stays happy and healthy.


Echeveria purpusorum thrives in bright light, so if you’re keeping your succulent indoors, be sure to place it in a south-facing window if possible. East or west-facing windows may also be able to provide enough light.

This is not an ideal plant for environments with little light. If your indoor space can’t provide enough light for your E. purpusorum, you may want to consider purchasing a grow light. A full spectrum grows light will ensure your plant is getting enough light regardless of where you place it in your home or office.

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It is possible to grow Echeveria purpusorum outdoors in the right climate. Partial sun or partial shade is best, but the full sun may be appropriate in some areas. Climates that get extremely hot may not be appropriate for E. purpusorum to be in full sun and the plant may get sunburned.

It’s also a popular choice to plant this succulent in a container that can be taken outside during warm weather and moved indoors when temperatures drop. If this is the case, the plant can be moved around to suitable light. Whenever you move a succulent outdoors, it’s important to allow the plant time to acclimate to more light over a period of several weeks. By increasing the light incrementally every couple of days, you decrease the chances of your Echeveria getting sunburned.

Remember, sunburn damage cannot be repaired so you’ll either need to trim away the burnt areas of the plant or accept your plant’s new appearance until new growth replaces the damage. Long periods of time in an area with too much light can also result in a dead plant.

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