Succulent Plant Echevria “Avocado”

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1, Choose a pot: Echevria “Avocado” succulent is a very beautiful and small succulent plant, should choose the right pot, the right size, do not use a large pot.In order to improve beautiful sex, use a few flowerpots exquisite as far as possible, cooperate with integral modelling photograph.

2. Loose soil: Provide suitable soil for creamy avocados to grow in, and keep them in sandy soil with good permeability to ensure good nutrients.

3, Reasonable light: Echevria “Avocado” must be reasonable to see the light, the whole growth period can not lack of sunlight, especially in the autumn and winter season need enough light, these two seasons to color the state, under the action of the sun, can produce more anthocyanins, will be more beautiful

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