Succulent plant Monstera var. borsigiana White Variegata

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The temperature suitable for the growth of the bamboo is between 18-28℃. When plant it, we need to pay attention to the change of environmental temperature. In the high temperature season in summer, we should take cooling measures, such as moving it to a cool room, or spraying water on the plant to cool it.In the cold season of winter, it should also be moved to a warm room, and keep the indoor temperature above 15 degrees Celsius, to meet its winter needs.

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How to plant Monstera var.borsigiana White Variegata?

Succulent plant Monstera var. borsigiana White Variegata (3)

Wipe the leaf

It is a kind of leaf watching plant, daily maintenance to regularly wipe its leaves, so that it can make its leaves more bright, ornamental will be higher, wipe the leaves with a clean towel or wet paper towel, after wiping it in a good ventilation position.Its leaves have many air holes that prevent dust from clogging them.

Lighting conditions

The demand for light is not very high, with a certain degree of negative resistance, in astigmatism in the environment of the best growth.Winter sunshine temperature is lower, and daylighting conditions are not very good, can put it in the position of direct sunlight indoors.High temperature exposure in summer requires indoor astigmatism or outdoor shading with black gauze.

Control humidity

White brocade tortoise back bamboo likes to grow in the environment of high humidity, usually maintenance of time need to often spray water on the plant, to improve the humidity of the growth environment, control humidity between 60-80% is the most suitable for its growth.Summer temperature is higher, the rate of evaporation of water is faster, the need for frequent water spraying.

Succulent plant Monstera var. borsigiana White Variegata (2)

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