Succulent plant Philodendron Pink Princess

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Philodendron pink Princess is a natural variation of the variety. philodendron pink princess is a variation of the variety.

Its newly grown leaves are brown-red, the variation of the variety leaves will appear some pink, white pink patches.And there will be some white or pale pink spots on the leaves.

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Lighting conditions

The demand for light is not very high, with a certain degree of negative resistance, in astigmatism in the environment of the best growth.Winter sunshine temperature is lower, and daylighting conditions are not very good, can put it in the position of direct sunlight indoors.High temperature exposure in summer requires indoor astigmatism or outdoor shading with black gauze.

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Control humidity

White brocade tortoise back bamboo likes to grow in the environment of high humidity, usually maintenance of time need to often spray water on the plant, to improve the humidity of the growth environment, control humidity between 60-80% is the most suitable for its growth.Summer temperature is higher, the rate of evaporation of water is faster, the need for frequent water spraying.

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