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Humidity management:  like dry environment, appropriate watering can be.To keep the soil moist, spray the plants with water and cool them when the temperature is high, keeping the air 60 to 70 percent humid.

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Maintenance management

Tendril green velvet adaptability, about 10℃ began to grow.To keep the soil moist, spray the plants with water and cool them when dry, keeping the air 70 to 80% humid.However, if the temperature is below 15℃, reduce the amount of watering.Winter can keep about 5℃, basin soil can not be too damp.

From May to September is the peak growing season, fertilize water once or twice a month, mainly with decomposed thin organic liquid fertilizer.But not too much, otherwise it will make surface petiole long and weak, not easy to stand, affect the ornamental effect. Apply base fertilizer when changing pots in spring.The requirements for light are not strict.

In summer, due to high temperature and humidity, shading and ventilation should be strengthened. In autumn and winter, the temperature is low and the sunshine is full. Too much light leaves will be yellow and green, too much shade will be very long, lodging, affecting the ornamental effect. The SAP of all vine velvets is poisonous and inedible.If you want to trim leaves or change pots, it is best to wear gloves to avoid hand discomfort.


water spray water frequently to keep the soil moist, dry, shall also be provided with plant water wet, cool, 5 - September is peak season, fertilizer water 1 times per week, with calcium nitrate, potassium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, nitrogen fertilizer consumption is too much, otherwise you will face petiole and weak, not easy to stand, ornamental effect.

Temperature management: warm and humid semi-cloudy environment;Long temperature 16-26℃, winter temperature is not less than 10℃, if the temperature is lower than 15℃, need to reduce the amount of watering, winter maintenance needs heating equipment, if there is no heating facilities, can use double insulation facilities, winter afternoon in the temperature dropped to 22-24℃ to seal the shed in time.

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