Why do succulents grow aerial roots

It is actually a good thing that succulents can grow aerial roots, because having aerial roots means that it intends to live, and some who do not grow aerial roots have already died quickly, slowly losing leaves, drying up and dying. Succulents growing aerial roots are actually a selection method for Succulents to adapt to the environment and their own state at the moment. It wants to save its life, or wants to grow better, so don’t worry about finding aerial roots.

Several common cases of succulent aerial roots:

1.Succulents grow aerial roots shortly after repotting
The succulents that have just been planted (especially in the spring when the weather is relatively humid), the root system at the bottom has not been able to work normally so quickly and absorb water. So Succulent chose the fastest way to grow aerial roots. Even if you don’t care about this aerial root, the aerial roots will slowly age and lose their effect after a period of time. If you pull them out, it may help to stimulate the roots to grow at the bottom.

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2.Health problems with succulent roots and bottom stems
When there is a problem with the succulent root system and stem that can’t absorb water, such as the root system rots and dies, the stem rots and shriveles, (maybe you don’t water for a long time, the succulent root system dries up; maybe you water frequently for a long time, the succulent root system rots; ),when this problem occurs, the succulents will choose to grow aerial roots from the vigorous parts to ensure their own survival.

Solution: Pay attention to the problem of the root system and stem, and it should be solved as early as possible. The rot or dryness at the bottom will often spread slowly. In a short period of time, there is no way for succulent to grow roots from the bottom. You can only re-prune the roots, or even cut them off.

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3.Normal aging (lignification) of succulents
Succulents also have a lifespan. They are almost old after three or five years. If they are unlucky, they can be tossed and aged by your inappropriate maintenance methods in one or two years. The roots will gradually lose their vitality, and the bottom stems will be Slow lignification, unable to transport water and nutrients as normal as before, succulents can only find another way to grow aerial roots from the vigorous stems.

4.The stimulation of succulent in a humid environment
Plants are ambitious. When encountering an environment conducive to their growth, they will consciously accelerate their growth. When the planting environment is relatively humid (air humidity), it is easier for plants to grow aerial roots (adventitious roots) to absorb more nutrients. to accelerate growth. The most common situation is that if some succulents with long stems touch the soil, it is likely to grow aerial roots from the stems that touch the soil, and then dig into the soil to form a root system. Obviously, this kind of aerial root cannot be said to be because of the unhealthy relationship between succulents, but actually because it is too energetic.

Post time: Apr-06-2022