Why does succulent die after being exposed to the rain

Soon it will be the rainy season again. About the question of whether succulents can get wet in the rain, some succulents lovers will probably start to discuss.

Some succulents don’t die even in frequent rain, while others die after the rain

There are generally three ways for succulents to die after rain: 1. The leaves in the center of the plant turn black and rot and gradually spread around. 2. Leaves fall off, stems turn black. 3. The whole plant rots quickly/slowly.

It’s a pity that when these situations occur, you have a high probability of being unable to save the succulent.




So, why do some succulents die after a rain?

It may be that the succulents are relatively weak. They are succulents growing in greenhouses. The natural environment is changeable, and they are not used to strong winds, heavy rains and climate changes (rains in winter and spring are often accompanied by sudden changes in temperature, cold waves and warm currents, etc.), While your local climate is suitable for succulents, weaker succulents can get sick.

It may also be that there is a wound on the stem and root of the succulent leaf, and the wound is exposed to sufficient rain, causing bacteria to grow and become infected.

So, if you have weak succulents, to be on the safe side, don’t let the succulents get rained, take rain-proof measures first, accept full sunlight, and wait until the bright colors appear (anthocyanins can improve the resistance of plants) , you can let the succulent get rain.

Post time: Apr-11-2022